Many friends who follow what I write here or on Facebook do not know, but I am a researcher and advisor in the areas of Science Communication and Information Science. The focus of my postgraduate courses is on the use of new technologies for science communication and data collection of academic production and social media analysis of the online repercussion of (mostly) publications on science topics. If the names Bibliometrics, Cybermetrics, Webometrics and Altmetrics do not make sense for you, in part the previous paragraph tries to explain them a little bit.

With these data, one can also study and discover many cool and exciting things, as well as making beautiful graphs (like the image that is in my profile on facebook) or diagrams representing and synthesising what was observed. What will define what each element of the graph represents will depend on choices that you need to make wisely, and this goes from the initial data selection, to the data treatment you will give when it comes to representing links (edges) and actors (nodes).

Well, excuse me for the “big text”, but all of this is just to say that within the philosophy that I always speak at the beginning of my courses, I’ve decided to see if I can extend my humble contribution to the development of the fields of science in which I have dedicated my last 20 or 10 years (20 of SC and 10 of IS). Inspired by the proposal that my friend from high school Michel Lent made, I decided to make available a public google agenda in which I will be offering weekly an hour and a half to mentoring your research project. If I will be of any assistance it will depend on you to properly see me as someone who can help, and I be able to do so. 🙂

Just go to the link [] , see what day I will be available, and schedule it. The conversations will preferably be by Google Hangout or similar tool, but something in person may be feasible for those who are in my city. I ask first of all that you understand that as it is a new experiment, I will certainly take time to put this into a routine. So it is possible that I have to reschedule your request. And I’ll be evaluating requests to try to prioritize those I identify that I have the greatest potential to be of some help.

If all goes well and you are happy, remember me in the acknowledgments 🙂 and do an excellent research, because what we need most is good projects to consolidate these areas even more in Brazil or elsewhere in the World. If you are from Portugal you are also super welcome. If your native language is Spanish or English, we also can talk, as long as you could deal with my accent and some false cognates 🙂 . I look forward to seeing how this experiment will flow. I hope this can be an incredible experience for me and for everyone who participates.

Cheers to everyone and until the next Hangout!